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About JewishAkron


Our Mission

to sustain and inspire Jewish Life, while keeping our community safe and engaged, whether in Greater Akron, Israel or throughout the world. 


Our Vision

To create a Jewish community in Greater Akron built on kindness, generosity, compassion, and a deep respect for our Jewish values. 


Who is JewishAkron?

Through a rebrand process in 2023, JCBA has led to the adaption and roll out of a new name- JewishAkron. 

It's a name which more clearly articulates who we are and what we stand for and will resonate with a next generation that is less focused on legacy institutions and more on authentic experiences. 

What We Do

Annual Campaign

The annual JCBA/Jewish Welfare Fund Campaign has been the glue that has held the Jewish community together. It is the Annual Campaign that builds our community and funds Jewish education and programs. It helps sustain Jewish life globally--in Israel, America, the former Soviet Union and beyond

Akron Legacy & Endowment Fund

ALEF can help you set up a plan that will ensure that our community receives a gift on your behalf every year, throughout your lifetime and beyond. ALEF provides an independent source of funding for community needs not met through the annual campaign.

Community Relations Committee

CRC is the organized, representative voice of the Jews of Summit county. It promotes a society that is democratic, pluralistic and just, and it advocates for local Jews and a safe, secure and democratic state of Israel.

Israel & the Jewish World

To further foster a connection to Israel, the JCBA often hosts mission trips to the country. There, participants can learn about its history and experience its culture, strengthening their Jewish ties. JCBA has also led trips to other locations in the world that are rich with Jewish history.

Core Priorities 

Attracting, growing, and supporting our Jewish community. We look for ways to create easier community access points for Jews of all ages and stages, and focus on building meaningful, deeply rooted connections to Judaism, each other, our community, and Israel.  

Connecting and engaging the greater Akron community, Israel, and the larger Jewish world through authentic and meaningful experiences. 

Developing relationships and raising capital to position JewishAkron as a community influencer and leader now and into the future. 

Investing in education and resources to prioritize the safety of self, others, and community. Building strategic partnerships in Akron to ensure secure and safe Jewish spaces. 

Where are We Going?

Of JewishAkron through the Greater Akron Community.

In JewishAkron programming to expand and grow our community. 

In order to create a more meaningful impact on our community and worldwide.

Through collaboration, leveraging community resources to accomplish shared goals and spark passion. 

JewishAkron Board of Trustees


Stuart Glauberman 



Susan Golden


Mimi Surloff



Mark Bober



Daniel S. Blain




Stephanie York




Sam Chestnut



Mark Baer

Michelle Dickstein

Cem Ersahin

Julie Katz

Larry Kaye

Steve Kutnick

Josh Lemerman

Moshe Lewis

Jeannine Marks

David Minc

Janet Minc

Andrea Minster

Scott Newman

Rachel Peltzman

Toby Rosen

Mike Segal

Judi Shapiro

Mallory Shwab

Rick Spector

David Stock 

Steve Swedler



David Kern, Co-Chair, Committee on Directors

David Minc, Co-Chair, Development Committee

Diana Ponsky, President The Lippman School

Mike Segal, Co-Chair, Annual Campaign

Debra Shifrin, President, Shaw JCC
























Rabbi Joshua Brown

Rabbi Jeremy Lipton

Rabbi Moshe Sasonkin













  • History of Jewish Akron

    In the year that Akron received its charter, a small group of Jewish men established the Akron Hebrew Association to meet their religious, educational and social needs. These German-speaking people, many of whom were prominent Akron merchants, laid the groundwork for Jewish community life in Akron in the pioneering period between 1865 and 1885.